Hello Everyone, welcome to Bunz Makes (formally Bunz Bakes)!

After a lengthy break from sharing my thoughts and recipes with you all, I’m back with a new name and a new passion. As well as the scrumptious baked goodies you’re used to, I will also be sharing my creative journey into the beautiful and therapeutic art of crochet!…and I’m sooooo excited to get sharing!!

In the year and a bit that I’ve been away, a pair of utterly scrumptious twinnies have joined our family, two beautiful boys, O and L. Our house is now an even busier one and, I’m pleased to say, a very happy one 🙂 (I feel I’ve found my mothering stride after a tough start!)

So, twin boys at home and twin passions here at Bunz Makes!

Enjoy everyone, and please feel free to comment on my posts, I love hearing from you!

All images (unless otherwise stated) are my own! I will, of course provide details of the original pattern and author for all of my hooky makes! (I don’t feel I’m ready for designing my own just yet, but we’ll see!)

Here are just a few of the scrummy bakes I have turned out prior to starting this blog…

30 thoughts on “Home

  1. thanks for dropping by the blog. like you i love baking and only got around to putting stuff together lately. would love to try out some of the recipes here. we have lots of brits here in Dubai so i think the ingredients wouldnt be a problem!
    best of luck and cheers!! rachel

  2. I once had a wholewheat sourdough that was soooo amazing…but alas the baker’s work was no longer available. What I liked about it was that it was a tough and crunchy (when toasted) and chewy bread that was fabulous for certain things (not sandwiches) and hard to find here in the US which is only recently getting into the craft of interesting breads. So having said that, were you to do a wholewheat sourdough that is a nice round loaf with lovely presentation and really nice tooth, you would woo me in entirety as far as bread making goes!

  3. Alex,
    I found you because you found me first at Artzzle. I am hurried today but will explore your site further very soon. Have to tell you I do not like to cook. I haven’t poisoned anyone yet, but cooking just isn’t something I enjoy. That said, I HAVE been experimenting with baking of late, strictly very quick and EZ stuff. Your pictures are amazing and if you feature any recipes that “baker dummies” like me can make, I’ll be staying in touch.

    Cheryl at Artzzle.

    • Hi Natasha, I bake a lot with Spelt flour, which I know has a lower gluten content than traditional wheat flour; but haven’t tried other gluten-free varieties. I will endeavour to go gluten-free in the near future, watch this space! x

  4. Beautiful start to your blog! Thanks for stopping by and visiting mine. Wish we were more compatible in the measurement world 😉 However, by the looks of your food, I’m glad I remember a thing or two about metric conversions. I look forward to your next post!

  5. Hello and thank you for the follow! You have a fab blog here and I look forward to reading your future posts and recipes x

  6. Hello there! You know what? This blog is pretty much my baking mecca. I am exactly the same when it comes to ml, grams, BUTTER WEIGHT (‘stick’ measurements drive me a little insane) and other metric measurements. I am pretty tired of converting American recipes so it’s nice to know that you’ll have done some of the work for me!! My blog is also in metric so hopefully we can make each other happy baking chappies. Thanks for finding me so that I could find your beautiful space! xx

  7. Dough quandaries – my bread making days are in the past, mainly because I used to produce the most wonderful smooth shiny dough which doubled in size, only to be disappointed with the resulting dense brick of a loaf! Now I know why – really good tips, maybe time to try again! Love the blog Bunny Bunz.

  8. Thanks so much for reading and liking my Piece of Cake post! I’ll be checking back to your blog for baking inspiration.

    I also hope Bunz really is your surname because that’s fantastically coincidental!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my little site! Top on my kitchen wish list right now is a scale, so I can start working with weights instead of relying on the inconsistency of cups.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my Citrus Slice recipe! I too work in grams although quite like using cups since I was given Nigella’s duck egg blue measuring cups! Great blog 🙂

  11. Nice to see others working with grams, ml and dl. I can’t say how many times I found a great looking recipe online only to find that it’s in cups and ounces. So frustrating..

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