How fast a crocheter are you?

Hey Everyone,

Guess I’ve been wondering about this for a while, especially since I get very little time to crochet at the moment; only in the evenings once the boys are in bed. I know there will be a lot of variation in how fast people crochet, but would love to know how long it takes people to complete various projects?

If you’re like me, I tend to mix and match, doing a few rows of my ripple blanket one night, maybe hooking up a few bunting flags the next, followed by the cuff of a sock – you get the picture! This habit of flitting between projects does lead me to wonder whether I’m a particularly slow hooker, or whether it feels that way because I don’t get the chance to work on one thing for a sustained period!

So I’m asking all you crocheters out there…can you comment on this post with how long it has taken you to complete your most recent project (or any project for that matter!) …?

I’d be very grateful and think, as I’ve been wondering, maybe there are others out there who would also like to know!


11 thoughts on “How fast a crocheter are you?

  1. I can only crochet a small amount due to illness. The blanket I’m working on at the moment has taken a year. When I actually do crochet I would consider myself fast though!

    Also, I agree it would look amazing in random stripes if you added more colours but I love the colours your using as is. 🙂

      • Well usually I’d say same order but having just done a random striped blanket… It was soo much fun. I think you may need more colours to make a random selection work though. Xx

  2. I’m fairly fast, I can make a bat in less than a day and most of my granny square afghans were done over a weekend. I get all tore up if I don’t finish a crochet project. My knitting on the other hand, I’m slower than molasses on a cold Winter’s night. It took me a year to make a pair of tube socks for my 3 year old son, two weeks to crochet him a pair.

    • Good to know jamisonstar! With granny squares it’s all the fastening off and weaving in ends etc. Which I find slows me down! I reckon I’d be pretty speedy with a hat too – I recently bought myself a cheeky little beanie pattern from Etsy, which require chunky yarn, might have a go and see if I can match your 1 day record!! I ageee, knitting is much slower for me too – I still have to look and concentrate hard as I knit each stitch!! 😀

  3. I am pretty quick and I tend to get obsessed with things and hate to stop until I finish. I can do a hat in Charimsa yarn (bulky yarn with 8mm hook) in 2 hours or less. I generally finish a scarf in 4 to 6 hours. I don’t do too many large projects since I get bored after a while, but I did do a large blanket (about twin size) that took 3 solid days of at least 8-10 hours a day to finish. My hand was killing me at the end of that one!

  4. I never finish anything as i get bored and move on to the next! I have half a dozen unfinished projecta in my basket. Today is a bedroom blanket day. But tomorrow is a snood day.

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